Dutch Marine Energy Centre | Dutch Marine Energy Centre

Dutch Marine Energy Centre
Dutch Marine Energy Centre
Lead Organisation Dutch Marine Energy Centre
Country Netherlands
Type Tidal, Current
Website https://www.dutchmarineenergy.com/
  • Type of Testing Tidal, Current
    Year Established 2015
    Temperate/Tropical Temperate
    Commercial/Array/Full scale/Scale Scale
    Development Status Under construction


    In the past DMEC operated several test sites in the Dutch North Sea and as well as in close proximity to/directly integrated in the Dutch coastal defense structures. At this point DMEC does not operate test sites but can facilitate testing in the Netherlands on an individual basis by supporting permitting, insurance and supply chain activities.
  • Number of Berths
    Water Depth
    Min Water Depth (m)
    Max Water Depth (m)
    Avg Water Depth (m)
    Annual mean significant wave height
    Maximum recorded wave height
    Mean (averaged current speed)
    Maximum current speed
    Maximum tidal range
    Mean wind speed
    Max wind speed
    Seabed type
    Total test area (km2)
    Distance to land
    Grid connected
    Grid connection capacity
    Rated export capacity and connection
    Proximity to nearest harbour (km)
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    Office space