Hanstholm | DanWEC

Lead Organisation DanWEC
Country Denmark
Type Wave
Website http://www.danwec.com/en/home.htm
  • Type of Testing Wave
    Year Established 2012
    Commercial/Array/Full scale/Scale Commercial, Array, Full scale, Scale
    Development Status Operational; grid connection not yet established


    DanWEC is less exposed as compared to sites like EMEC or the Atlantic site in Ireland. The wave periods at DanWEC are typically shorter compared to sites like BIMEP and the Pilot Zone sites which are dominated by significantly longer and more regular waves arriving from distant storms and often composed of a combination of wind waves and swells.
    Tidal water level variations at DanWEC are low and currents are typically wind generated.
    The wave and current climates are monitored by wave measuring buoys.
  • Number of Berths
    Water Depth 15 – 30 meter
    Min Water Depth (m) 15
    Max Water Depth (m) 30
    Avg Water Depth (m)
    Annual mean significant wave height
    Maximum recorded wave height 8 m
    Mean (averaged current speed)
    Maximum current speed
    Maximum tidal range
    Mean wind speed 0 – 33 m/s
    Max wind speed
    Seabed type sand clay
    Total test area (km2) 6
    Distance to land 2-3 km
    Grid connected N
    Grid connection capacity
    Rated export capacity and connection
    Proximity to nearest harbour (km) 3
  • Demonstration Projects


    The following industry and services can be found at the Port of at Hanstholm:

    • Day-to-day marine operational support and GPS surveillance
    • Large designated power and fiber supplied wharf area for assembling, maintenance, and repairs.

    This includes e.g. placement of mobile container-workshop.

    • Docks and wharves area with berths for deployment and mooring of WEC
    • Availability of storage/ware house
    • Technical, craftsman, workshop and engineering support
    • Dry dock
    • Welding, assembling, coating
    • Fiberglass workshop
    • Electronics and electrical support
    • Dive support available
    Furthermore, the following vessel support is also available:
    • Experienced WEC deployment vessels at order
    • Safe seagoing transit/transport and inspection vessels
    • A marine specialist is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Equipment available to support site deployments

    The test site is located approximately 2.2 km south-west of the Port of Hanstholm. The marked test area is 1.6 km by 2.8 km. The area is marked by four physical markers and the area is also electronically marked with AIS AtoN and visible in Marine Traffic www.marinetraffic.com (see Figure 3). Ships equipped with the system are warmed when passing by the site and this helps protecting the systems being tested at DanWEC.

    Services of test programmes offered on site

    DanWEC work in close collaboration with Aalborg University and performance assessment can be provided.