PacWave South
PacWave North | PacWave

Lead Organisation Oregon State University
Country USA
Type Wave
  • Type of Testing Wave
    Year Established 2023
    Temperate/Tropical Temperate
    Commercial/Array/Full scale/Scale Commercial,
    Full scale,
    Development Status Under construction
  • Number of Berths 4
    Water Depth 75m
    Min Water Depth (m)
    Max Water Depth (m)
    Avg Water Depth (m) 75
    Annual mean significant wave height 10m
    Maximum recorded wave height
    Mean (averaged current speed)
    Maximum current speed
    Maximum tidal range
    Mean wind speed
    Max wind speed
    Seabed type Sand
    Total test area (km2) 4
    Distance to land 15 km
    Grid connected Y
    Grid connection capacity 4 x 5 MW
    Rated export capacity and connection 4 x 5 MW
    Proximity to nearest harbour (km) 15 km
  • Infrastructure

    grid connection, SCADA, onshore supporting facilities, office space

    Equipment available to support site deployments

    environmental monitoring equipment, wave buoy, ADCP

    Services of test programmes offered on site

    power performance assessment, environmental monitoring, permitting