Paimpol-Bréhat Tidal Test Site | Paimpol-Bréhat Tidal Test Site

Paimpol-Bréhat Tidal Test Site
  • Type of Testing Current
    Year Established 2012
    Temperate/Tropical Temperate
    Commercial/Array/Full scale/Scale Full Scale
    Development Status Operational


    The Paimpol-Bréhat tidal test site started in 2010. It is located 12 km from shore, in an open sea environment (exposed to waves). A 15 km long DC subsea cable embedding optical fibres was installed in 2012. In 2015, the cable end was equipped with a wetmate connection for DC power and optical circuits.
    OpenHydro turbines were tested on site from 2010 to 2017. Since June 2019, HydroQuest 1MW turbine is connected.
  • Number of Berths 1
    Water Depth -26 to -42m LAT
    Min Water Depth (m) 35
    Max Water Depth (m) 40
    Avg Water Depth (m)
    Annual mean significant wave height
    Maximum recorded wave height
    Mean (averaged current speed) 2.1 - 2.8 m/s
    Maximum current speed 2.4 - 3.1 m/s
    Maximum tidal range 9 m
    Mean wind speed
    Max wind speed
    Seabed type Rocky
    Total test area (km2) 0.03
    Distance to land 12 km
    Grid connected Y
    Grid connection capacity 2.5 MW
    Rated export capacity and connection
    Proximity to nearest harbour (km) 150 – 200 km (Cherbourg – Brest)
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    Grid connection, ADSL

    Equipment available to support site deployments

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    Permitting assistance. Possibilities for Environmental monitoring with SEENEOH. Site detailed characteristics and data (ADCP

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